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1.Will I.D. cards stop 16 year old children getting into pubs and clubs with their older sisters I.D.?

No. Every country that has ID cards has a thriving black market in fake ID cards. The UK will be no different. The Home Office's deliberately misleading answer to this is that "ID checks will involve making a connection back to the Register". It is patently ridiculous to suggest that every pub & club in the UK will pay the £21,000+ for a secure card reader & associated infrastructure required to make that connection [reference the RIA of the Immigration, Asylum & Nationality Act for the price of a secure reader]. So ridiculous, in fact, that the Home Office themselves don't expect it - their own pre-tender document shows they're planning just 4 or 5 such checks per card against the Register in any one year.

Anyone arguing for the ID cards scheme on the basis of 'proof of age' needs to (a) read and understand the legislation, and (b) get some perspective. The Government claims these things are about National Security. If they can't prove that, then stopping some underage drinkers is hardly a substitute!

2. Will drug "mules" be caught at airports more frequently?

No. Catching drug smugglers is intelligence- and observation-led, i.e. customs already know about an operation or customs officers pick up people who look suspicious / fit a profile. People travel abroad using their passport, not an ID card (unless the card is used as a 'EU-passport lite') so I don't see how ID cards figure in your thinking at all. Unless you're assuming systematic cross-checking and profiling of every foreign traveller on the NIR? The Gov't are categorically denying they'll do this at present but even if they were to try it, the practicalities of dealing with that number of travellers would be prohibitive.

3 Will shopping centres be able to keep known criminals and convicted shoplifters out?

No. See (1) above. And are you seriously suggesting that anyone with a past conviction should be prevented from going shopping? I should imagine that CCTV and well-briefed security staff would be more effective, were you inclined to pursue such a policy. Please note that, in order to 'catch' some bad guys, you imply it would be absolutely alright for perfectly law-abiding citizens to have their movements monitored by the Government and recorded in the audit trail of the NIR. This is utterly unacceptable and, on disproportionality grounds alone, would breach at least Article 8 of ECHR.

4. Stop bogus callers stealing from trusting people in their own homes.

No. See (1) above. I don't think you've got the point. The bits of plastic can and will be faked, and most businesses won't be able to afford the kit needed to securely check a card against the Register. Ditto little old ladies in their flats. The problem is that people might assume that ID cards *are* secure and unforgeable when they aren't - a far more dangerous scenario, and one in which the trusting are made FAR more vulnerable than before. At least if a 'gas man' comes to granny's door, she might ring the gas company or realise he's not from her gas company. If all he's got to do is flash a generic ID card, then granny's jewellery is even more at risk.

My example might be cliched, my point is deadly serious. An insecure system unjustifiably presumed secure is far more dangerous than the staus quo.

5.Help to detain and expel illegal imigrants with raids on fruit picking farms and other cash in hand businesses in our black economy.

No. You don't have to carry your ID card, so not having one on you proves nothing. Not having a record on the NIR (assuming the Home Office can solve the potentially insoluble one-to-many biometrics matching problem) might indicate that a particular individual (a) hasn't been Registered yet, or (b) is in the UK illegally. Or it might not. Further investigation required.

Detaining and expelling people is the job of the Immigration Service, and they've been using biometric Asylum Registration (smart)Cards since 2000. If this is an issue that gets your goat then read up on what a failure they have been. And while you're at it, what about illegal *employers*? Do you know how many were successfully prosecuted per year by this Gov't (until the Morecombe Bay cockle-pickers tragedy)? One.

If you're so dead set on getting rid of people who do some of the worst jobs in the country, then I'd imagine more raids would be your thing. ID cards, however, would add very little, if anything, to the process - which is why the Gov't have gone so quiet about this since the election.

6.At least save 5% of claims that seem to be draining our social security bank.

You're out by an order of magnitude.

The National Audit Office puts the amount lost from payments in all benefits at approximately £3 billion per year.

The most recent Home Office figure (taken from DWP) for the amount of benefit fraud that ID cards *might* be able to prevent is just £20 million.

i.e. they may save up to 0.667% of benefit fraud, at a cost of many billions. A criminal waste of taxpayers' money.

7.Stop millions of pounds worth of equipment disappearing from our hospitals.

I give up. I have no idea what you are going on about with this one. Surely some sort of marking or RFID tags on the equipment itself is the solution?

You clearly haven't understood, and probably haven't read, even the Home Office propaganda about the ID scheme. I hope my answers, which didn't mention fascism or Blair (until now) convince you that (a) you need to find out a lot more about the actual proposals - you'd certainly be able to answer a lot more of your own questions, and (b) that ID cards are "no golden bullet". In fact, if you Google that last phrase + ID cards, you'll find a link to an article in which the head of the Home Office ID Cards Programme says exactly the same thing.

Whilst admitting that criminals will merely have to work hard to get two genuine ID cards from their wonderful new system and very hard to get three...
Phil Booth, 15 лет назад.

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