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Соединенные Штаты Америки
Я сделаю это, но только, если Вы мне поможете

Вы сообщаете о таком комментарии комманде проекта "Банк Обещаний":

Good point Ben.

I will research and get back to you.

1ST JUNE 2013...
83 RAPISTS Were detained today with the unsolved crimes department claiming
undisputed resistance.They were all traced by their D.N.A...I.D.PROFILE CARDS.A spokesperson for the victims of rape said.Thank GOD. these victims lives have been on hold now they can walk the streets in saftey.Although the crime of rape is virtually eliminated due to the fact that a rapist can now be caught within hours with just one tiny D.N.A.sample the police need time to solve a backlog of, up until now, unsolved crimes...
EDMUND, 15 лет назад.

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