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Don't you think this device is getting a little strained now?

"A man is in police custody in croydon surrey accused with the assault of a young girl .The police confirmed he is the same man who killed a young girl in croydon surrey in 2006."
If you're refering to Sally Anne Bowman, it was 2005. Frankly, it is quite tacky and insensitive to use emotive, recent, real-life cases in this way, purely to try to gain ground from your readers' emotional responses. It adds nothing to your argument, and I politely request that you refrain. Nonetheless, since you raise the point (again):

"The man was detained when his D.N.A on his I.D.CARD matched those of the serial rapist"
The only biometric details confirmed as to be included on the NIR under current plans are fingerprints, facial image and iris patterns - not DNA. There will be no database of DNA, and so this use of ID cards/the NIR which you seem to be proposing will not be possible. It is true that this may change in the future, but it certainly won't be 2013 or soon after - for one thing, the technology does not currently exist to run searches for individual matches of complex information in a database of the vast size required. Again, this may of course change one day, but (even forgetting the privacy objections for now) it would be a very long way off.

PUPIL should not be allowed to teach again... Put all criminal records on the new I.D.card."
(For the benefit of anyone who may try to follow this argument, this is (I assume) a response to a post over on the /refuse pledge, dated Feb 24th). There are no plans to put any criminal records on the NIR (it is the NIR you are talking about, incidentally, and not ID cards, which would contain very little information in themselves), and *certainly* not to make information freely disclosable to anyone who takes it upon themselves to run a check on it... so, again, the NIR as proposed is useless for the purposes you advocate.
Nic Shakeshaft, 15 лет назад.

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