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Ben has (in my view) very intelligently dealt with most of your points, so I'll stick with just this one:-

"All the I.D. CARD IS NEEDED FOR IS TO ESTABLISH WHO YOU ARE.Quick and easy process of elimination.."

Well this is the polar opposite of what you have argued for previously, but fair enough - if you are now saying that there are no potential benefits to the proposed scheme other than as a convenient and universal method of proving identity (and age, perhaps), then I suppose I agree with you. However, if this is the only aim (and certainly it is the only aim which has any chance of success), then it is simply not important enough to justify the vast costs involved. If the proposal was to issue everyone with a photocard confirming their name and age (costing a few pence per card, of course, and not £93), but not linked to any central database, then I personally would not oppose it. I would consider it quite pointless, but nonetheless it would not be serious enough to warrant opposition. Sure, some forgeries of the cards would be made, but their intended purpose would not be important enough for this to present a significant problem for the country.

The *actual* proposals are not like this at all. If the only legitimate aim of the cards is to prove identity, then 3/4 at least of the data to be stored in the NIR would be utterly useless, as would be the vast cost of the whole scheme. So if none of the other stated aims succeed (anti-terrorism: useless. Anti-fraud: the scheme is more expensive than expected gains. etc...), then all the predicted costs will be entirely wasted.
Nic Shakeshaft, 15 лет назад.

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