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Соединенные Штаты Америки
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I would just like to thank all those that sign up here for backing up us "Refuseniks". I am in a position where I should be on this list as I have a lot of responsibilities but I have decided to take a stand and sign the refuse pledge.

If the government can see that moderates like myself are prepared to go to gaol for our rights and freedoms then maybe they'll reconsider the big mistake they're about to make.

If we don't make a stand against those that think they can dictate to us then they will forever think they can treat us like drones. Governments are there to serve not rule.

Those that refuse or resist have their eyes wide open and fully understand the implications of a compulsory ID card. Those that look and see are truely wise.

Say NO to ID, say NO to the database state.
Duane Phillips, 16 лет назад.

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