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Соединенные Штаты Америки
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If you want to become an MP and you get that...

and then you decide Prime Minister is really where it's at, and you get that...

but it doesn't turn out to be all you thought, so you hang on for presidency of the EU, and you get that...

and then that only works out so well... then what do you do?

We need to find out, so we can stop him!

Blair is an undemocratic despot who fakes democracy by nobbling the selection process as he did for the welsh assembly and tried to do for London mayor (but failed).

ID cards just help his untrustworthy aims.

Politicians and ministers are our employees and peers, not our parents.

ID cards won't give the security promised and we don't owe them a chance to try it.
Sam Liddicott, 16 лет назад.

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