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Соединенные Штаты Америки
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We mourned democracy a long time ago. They knew implants were not feasible to force on people (due to physical nature), but since we all carry types of card around, then some bright spark latched onto this idea! There is a global plan being worked here, reaching deep down to the puppeteers within the secret societies trying to control and dominate this species. It is not just the concern of one nation, and the pattern is painfully obvious to see. From the number of people who I see mistrusting our goverment, I can tell this is shared; Nothing to loose in my battle - I would rather be proved wrong in the end than to be caught in a police state un-prepared, wouldn't you?

I have pride in my nation and that does not include it's fat-cat goverment ... I will fight for what the country really is.
Chris J Davenport, 16 лет назад.

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