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Я сделаю это, но только, если Вы мне поможете

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David Icke is one of my driving inspirations, I have over 6 hours of videos he has presented and I follow his work, which is vital to my research into the illuminati.

Concerning that link, on a musical note something dark and forboding would have drilled his samples into me more effectivly (I'm currently composing an album related to this subject myself) but good that someone is communicating this wealth of information through emotive means.

Martin, I don't know who has been reporting your comments, but I am aware that there are people taking offense at the very fact that we are aware of what is going on in the world.

Those phrases of Icke's based on speculation also have a large backing to give reason for his philosophies. Keep on seeking, everyone.

Chris aka Reverand Heretic
Chris J Davenport, 16 лет назад.

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