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Many of us argued, in the 'heated discussion' to which Duane Phillips refers above, that for this campaign to succeed we must focus on those issues which are most likely to foster popular support - and those, it seems, tend to be the direct problems with the ID card/database scheme itself (e.g. the human rights issues, the problems of implementation, the spiralling costs, etc), rather than the 'bigger picture' (Duane Phillips again).

Put simply, there are a lot of people - I would go so far as to say the majority of the population of the UK - who will not accept such 'conspiracy theories', and will not want to associate themselves (e.g. by signing this pledge) with those who advocate them; this will undoubtedly remain true, quite regardless of how eloquently and logically anyone here argues the point. To be blunt, the question of whether they are wrong to do so is, for present purposes, completely irrelevant - because in the short term the *only* thing that matters is that the NO2ID campaign succeed, and that the ID scheme be stopped. Whether you feel that people are closing their minds to a bigger picture of which they should be aware does not matter - we need support for this scheme, and we must do whatever we need to do to get it. If that means focussing, in these pledge forums, only on those issues likely to gather the most support, then I respectfully suggest that this is precisely what we should do.

I want to stress, I'm not saying that any of the theories regarding the 'bigger picture' are wrong (I know nothing about this, so can't have an opinion either way), or that they should not be discussed. I'm simply saying that in the short term we must be prepared to present to the public those issues with which the majority of people will most readily agree. When the ID scheme is stopped, *that* is the time to try to disseminate other information, if you feel it appropriate to do so - but for now, please let's play a political game and get people on side.
Nic Shakeshaft, 16 лет назад.

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