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Соединенные Штаты Америки
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When i was 14 i thought Labour was going to make our corner of the world a better place to be. I am now 24 and while i haven't lost faith completely i feel that there is a faint aroma of jack boots in the air. ID cards will not make us feel safer but only more paranoid than we are already.
joanne durrell

Did you never read any documentation that was delivered through every British citizens household in the early 90's telling you what would happen if you voted for Labour? Well you were to young at time I know that but I ask everyone else also do you not remember the Democracy Movement?

They spent millions of pounds on a massive campaign to show that EU
institutions would consolidate everything - one central government,
stock market and courts, even military. Now they opposed the Euro
currency like many brits do simply because we have no need for any new
currency and it would greatly destabalise the economy - Look at Germany
- they own almost all industry in Eastern European Regions and many
energy companies in the UK but their economy is suffering badly still.

If you accept the Euro and ID cards then it is the next step to a system
where no money exists only credits on a card - no cash in hand anymore
just a High Tech Totaliarian Big Bro Police State.

Why should we be forced to have ID cards so we can be persecuted like
Jews were by the Nazis.

The Democracy Movement told us the future! They said exactly what would
happen if Blair got in. We all got a VHS tape and letters through our
letter boxes several times - I remember getting 3 posted in total. GM
food was one the things the Democracy Movement said would be forced upon
us and they still try to cover up contamination in our food chain .

So you see it is the big picture that really matter here! (The United
Nations' approve and endorse so many evils that I simply have too little
space to fit in here.) Not just ID cards, I fully respect we have to
focus on the specific campaign to ensure it's success.

You all need to be educated and this can only be done by many years of
personal research not by reading mainstream news or any local news even,
they only feed us what they want to to get - not what we want or ask
for! Unspin it. If you do read news on the Internet regularly enough you
will see patterns that all political leaders agree on and promote, they
all promote the UN Free Trade (which is opposite and not fair trade)
which promotes GM crops and neoliberalism, now CAFTA has been forced
into law using bribary and corruption this will be something we see grow
more rapidly than ever before.

All political parties seem the same and they're - they use varying names
for the same policies and label them different but they're pretty much
the same after they get in power. The Lib dems don't call student loans
grants or loans but they are pretty much the same thing.

Do you seriously think there is an alternative? NO, we have to make and
shape it if there is ever to be one.

If we allow ID cards to be enforce upon us then our kids will have DNA
samples taken at birth and be expected to have chips implanted into
them. These are Govenment policies the United Nation's promote globally.
Time to wake up more people.

Please print off leaflets and get as much support from your local
communities and as you can or all will be lost. Your way of life will
never be the same ever again if we surrender our Free Will, give all
Freedom and Liberty to these terrorists in power.
Wilderness Voice of Inner Peace, 16 лет назад.

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