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Соединенные Штаты Америки
Я сделаю это, но только, если Вы мне поможете

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I accept that to catch attention and to combat these damned things a "slick" logo/slogan like No2ID is needed. But beyond that may I suggest that we all stop using ID and always use "Identity Card".

"ID" seems like just another part of smart 21st century living, and thus to many something to be sought, or at least not to be feared. I have a CD , a VCR, an ipod etc why not an ID? Just another piece of plastic like all the others in your wallet. Wallet? probably not, more likely to be round your wrist to make it easier to check the card number matches the number tattoed on your wrist. I bit far fetched? Wait and see- no please do not just wait.

It is also a grammatical abomination. An abreviation for what exactly? I believe it had its origin in our consciousness in Britain as a piece of New York "Cops" jargon. See what I mean about the fast talking slick image?

Now what does "Identity Card" conjure up? Something rather different don't you think? Altogether more sinister, much more 1984, Third Reich, etc. Including that fourth Reich the EU.
Not an association the Home Office control freaks would like to be made.

So please call them what they are with all the sinister overtones. Do not help their exponents market them as a smart and desireable life accessory appropriate for modern Britain, which is what they are trying to do.
Dennis L Stephens, 15 лет назад.

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