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Соединенные Штаты Америки
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I have just read, again, the postings by Nic Shakeshaft, Dennis L. Stephens, and MartinStevens. Together, with a telephone call to no2id, London, I can understand and sympathise with the attitude of people who hold a view that single issue objection is more effective. But i'm of the opinion that this is not always the case.The subject, if defeated now, will only re-appear at some future date.
There is only one way to put an end to the dangerous nonsense from Westminster and that is to attack their power of taxation.
Some years ago, it was suggested that technology would put the people, the working man, the taxpayer, back in charge of their own daily lives. It didn't happen because of the vested interests, and Politics had by this time bribed so many companies, businesses and people who should have known better, bribed them with taxpayers money.
However , I shall support this single issue objective, because it is right, and I have not yet been bribed, (but I'm open to offers?) Regards.
A T Flynn, 15 лет назад.

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