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Соединенные Штаты Америки
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Down with the Nazi Totalitarian State!

Down with state sponsored fear/terror and all intelligence agency industrialised propaganda campaigns.

Down with the corporate government!

We want freedom, rights and privacy.

People power still rules, the world is this way because we allow the world to be the way it is.

Wake up - self educate yourself - ignore and counteract all state opinions embedded in your brain. Feel free - let knowledge liberate you.

We will never give in.

We already won but this Regime keeps pushing further with their agenda.

By the way contrary to many people's belief implanted chips are not needed for full mind control which will soon follow after biometric ID cards with a cashless society after the Euro has become the global one world currency - as the EU bankers say all other currency is scrap metal. Research MK Ultra - Nazi mind control techniques used by the CIA and are now perfected and have been for many decades. All is needed is ultra-microwaves to control any subject remotely - we all have our own unique bio-signature - our brain and body uses electricity and everyone is unique.

For those who do not know many U.S. Government agencies were formed with 50 - 60% Nazi war criminals as employees after and during WW2 - the CIA were one of those agencies that were officially founded in 1947 with 50% Nazi war criminals - those who control the future controlled the past - those who controlled the past control the future.

If you believe - you can make change you will - it always only takes a small number as history shows - we can shape the future and our own self believe systems are responsible for the way the world is now.

Information control is mind control. Information is power. You will be ready to give up all your rights by the time more totalitarian agendas are in place. You allow all of this to happen - your life is worth freedom! So fight for it, never give in.

Many are so easily manipulated and controlled - research MK Ultra to realise mind control is everywhere and can be used for good or bad. It is also a passive subconscious weapon. So you do not realise when you are being brainwashed so easily and are unable to think alternatively - this explains a lot of things. You will find it all for free online also - on file sharing networks - videos, seminars and books from them - but buy it if you are interested.

NWO slave victims are now becoming more outspoken about their personal experiences, even though some have to risk their lives to do so...

We already conquered Nazi Totalitarian ID cards.

Will you let history repeat itself?

Will you be the next enslaved prisoner of this world? The best form of a prisoner is one who thinks he is free. Allow this to happen and you support what the Nazi Zionists did to Jews. They were forced to have ID. It was also Hitler (that only allowed two flags on show in Germany - Nazi Swastika and Zionists - now Israel flag) that worked with Zionists during WW2 that wanted Israel state to be formed. And so it was. For those who do not know WW2 was funded by Britain and American Bankers, corporations and Government officials - now with declassified documents to evident this.

Who stands to gain and benefit? The corporate terrorists do.
NWO Activist, 15 лет назад.

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