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Соединенные Штаты Америки
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First, the website is under construction and needs help and suggestions from other people who are intent on curbing the power of the state. I do not claim to support everything this posting is saying, but the New World Order is there for all to see. Some detail might not be accurate but overall, the direction of politics is frighteningly obvious.
And it is my opinion that the power of the State consists entirely in its ability to levy taxation. Remove the power of taxation and you will have governance not Rule.
I am not seeking to impose a system of taxation. I want to impose a county by county system where taxpayers, and others, Govern their own little bit of the world. And then, with the agreement of the other counties, form their foreign policy and trade policy.
Shall we forgo the global politics of Governments, and instesd, opp for local politics on a global scale?
I first went foreign in 1953 with the RWK, Singapore and then up country into Malaya. In 1956 I stood on Flinders Bridge in Melbourne and watched the rowers getting ready for the Olympics. Then again, in 1976 I stood in the same place. One year later I gave up and flew home from Rio de Janerio just in time for Christmas.
What a mistake!
So you see, at my age all I have to offer is experience. Take my advice, cut those Politicians down to size, take the money away from them.
Please let me have your feedback.
Regards, ATF.
Anthony Thomas Flynn, 15 лет назад.

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