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Соединенные Штаты Америки
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I don't like the idea of keeping "conspiracy theories" out of the public arena, and requests to keep them in their own discussion forums where "they belong"; they are seriously contemplated studies and knowledge accumulating sources, why not actually apply them and make use of them? They are not meant as entertaining anecdotes or supplements to fantasy talk, they actually exsist because they have substance to them. Shying away from them is no progression; as opposed to challenging them and realising (in this instance) the relevance of the conspiracy data presented could not be more applicable.
Phone tapping and covert civilian auditing and tracking was once a brushed off conspiracy theory blamed on the so called 'paranoid delusions' of anti-government protagonists, and yet right now G.Bush is under scrutiny about abusing this very system. You ought to allow yourself to open yours and others eyes to more things as we are not progressing much, since the vote has now passed with a 31 majority for the go-ahead of registering for the ID scheme, and your conventional 2d world view of some of you 'old schoolers' is wearing thin.
Since that vote is passed, now what can we do on the forefront? Is their light at the end of the biometric tunnel for our cause?
Chris D aka Reverand Heretic
Chris Davenport, 15 лет назад.

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