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Соединенные Штаты Америки
Я сделаю это, но только, если Вы мне поможете

Вы сообщаете о таком комментарии комманде проекта "Банк Обещаний":

Judith Chisholm: The only way to deal with it, in my view, is to renew your passport before the compulsory phase begins (i.e. 2008, which *is* when the scheme becomes compulsory, no matter how it's dressed up), and then to give serious thought to emigrating while you still can.

Chris Davenport:

I am one of those who has often requested that the 'conspiracy theories' be kept out of this forum (and the other pledgebank ID forums). For my part, this has not been because I dispute the validity or worth of any such claims, but purely because I am a pragmatist. The fact is that in order to stand any chance of this scheme being defeated at the eleventh hour, we need to convince vast numbers of people, very quickly, to contact their MPs and persuade them to vote against the scheme. For this to succeed, we have to play only to the arguments which are going to have the most immediate mass appeal - and let's face it, we're not exactly short of those.

Deserved or not, the 'conspiracy theories' have a lot of bad press, and will certainly put a great many people off without even stopping to think about it - in which case, that's one less letter to an MP, and maybe one less crucial vote against the scheme. Is this kind of selective information manipulative? Yes, it is... but sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.
Nic Shakeshaft, 15 лет назад.

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