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Fair points, but the main conpiracies discussed here relate to manipulation and control being the focus of these cards; and these aren't far fetched since they are being used (just in less depth and controversy) than some of the theorists here. And the majority of arguments against ID cards here are ,in all fairness at the moment, just a projection of the worries we have and currently unconfirmed fears, and what the meaning of the cards implies to us, thus all the arguments could be counted as conspiracy theories.
The persons reading these comments on here can see both sides, the ones discussing theories at deeper levels, and the ones requesting they are not to be included, so damage hasn't been done as people can make up their own mind with weighed logic, and people can tell the much larger issue here is the fears of what these cards can mean for civilisation, and you don't have statistics of what each visitor in their thousands beleives here so you can't make the claims of "most will turn away". You will find that people here are just adding their 2 pence worth, so I just say keep it informative and minimal yet still keep focus on the same wavelength.
Chris Davenport, 15 лет назад.

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