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Соединенные Штаты Америки
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Having some experience of the UK immigration process I am able to inform Alan that we catch illegal immigrants and failed asylum seekers all the time, their applications to remain in the UK are assessed, and if refused they appeal, then if they don’t like the result of that appeal they will appeal again until this avenue is exhausted. Then they will make a claim under human rights legislation and several appeals and spurious legal challenges down the line they might be removable. Each one of these cases costs the British taxpayer hundreds of thousands of pounds and at best ends in a free flight home for a lawyer’s meal ticket. It currently takes years to remove most FAS and illegal entrants who have no legal right to stay in the UK, even if they are put on a flight all they have to do is kick up a bit of a stink and they will be taken off the plane and removal directions cancelled.

The thickness of most of the files that cross my desk can be measured in inches due to the number of appeals these individuals are entitled to, it is farcical and grossly disingenuous to suggest that an ID card will somehow speed up or bypass the legal process or even lend any weight to a prosecution. How do you think the European Court of Human Rights will react to a refusal based on not having an ID card – I expect that the ruling will be overturned, this will set a president and suddenly the UK ID card will not only be ineffective but legally redundant too.

I believe what we have with ID cards is another example of Tony Blair blindly going ahead with a deeply flawed plan because he has travelled down a path so far that it is now too late to turn back, just like Iraq, we are getting ID cards so our Prime Minister saves face. We have an oligarch desperately trying to salvage his place in history by going out on a victory regardless of whether it is what the country wants or needs, the matter of government is just a PR exercise to this clown.

To Roger, I know it’s unpleasant to think that the people that you voted in to run your life might be lying to you but you really should open your eyes and stop believing what you’re told to believe because at the moment you just sound like one of a herd of cattle, joining the queue for your brand. I’m not asking you to believe any conspiracies, but just to think independently as an intelligent rational human being about the events that have taken place since George W Bush took power, the timing of these events and to recognise who has benefited from the fallout, I suspect you will find a number of rich powerful white men slapping each other on the back. Just think for yourself, the answers are all around you.
Mark Tyler, 15 лет назад.

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